Tensei – Two EP

Schlicht und einfach „Two“ nennt sich das neue und zweite Instrumental-Projekt von Tensei aus Chicago im Jahr 2012. Ein wirklich tolle Mischung aus Jazz, Funk Soul und HipHop des Duos Simple X und Midas Wells. Den Direkt-Download gibt’s bei Plug Research. Die „One“ EP findet ihr hier.

„However, Two takes the groove deeper with its jazzy inflections, ethnic rhythms, cosmic electronics, and live instrumentation making it a bit more soulful and funkier. The one vocal track, “Think Twice,” which features multi-instrumentalist Khari Lemuel of TheOnes and Jae Franklin is an ode to the infectious soul classics of yesteryear with a modernized twist while “Passport,” which was featured on the Plug Research Compilation, is a an exquisite soundbed filled with lush pleasantries. And while this is Tensei’s second formal release, it still marks the beginning for the artists so journey with them as they continue on a path that pushes the limits and boundaries of hip hop inspired beat making and production to higher elevation.“

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