I am glad we can be honest about this | Flashiger Kurzfilm von Alexander Gellner

Ein flashiger Kurzfilm von Alexander Gellner (u.a. 1-Minute-Puberty), von dem ich gerne wüsste, was er da vorher genommen hat, um auf solche Ideen zu kommen. Und das ist insgeheim ein Kompliment, aber auch ernst gemeint.  Ich will es nämlich auch.

The film is cut into short animation sequences of three to five seconds. We are thrown into very different, seemingly unrelated scenes and scenarios. Every scene is just long enough to establish one idea and then left for another. Some clips will be self-contained sketches, some aborted actions and continuations of previous clips. This creates a hasty mood, like switching channels on the telly, only that every clip has a very intriguing sequence. We are overdosing on awesome animation. (irresistiblefilms)

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