Soundtrack: The Story of the DJ (Dokumentation)

story-of-my-lifeDie Dokumentation „Soundtrack: The Story of the DJ“ zollt den DJs Tribut, die sich auch wirklich so nennen dürfen. Der Film zeigt die Geschichte und die Evolution der DJs als Radio Deejays, Turntablists, Produzenten, Crews und Performer. Checkt hier den Trailer. I’m looking forward ot this!

„Soundtrack: The Story of the DJ is a documentary about the history of DJing. While certain films have chronicled niche aspects of DJing, „Soundtrack“ will take viewers through the evolution of radio DJs, turntablists, DJ producers, DJs as part of hip-hop groups, DJs controlling the main stages at some of the world’s biggest festivals and more.“

via 2DB

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