Bruton Stroube: Schräge Duelle in der Slow-Motion Booth

Zur Feier der St. Louis Design Week haben die Fotografen von Bruton Stroube Studios den zweiten Teil ihrer „Slo-Mo Booth“ aufgenommen. Das Motto: Duelle in 1000fps! Sieht nach ner Menge Spaß aus:

„This time, we decked out the studio with a full back-alley set, 3 Phantom HD Gold cameras, and 6 racks of costumes and props. As the cameras whirred along at 1000fps, the partygoers faced off in the most extreme food/flop fight in the history of slo-mo. The resulting footage is a mashup of the night’s carnage, fueled by 6 kegs of great beer.“




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