Danny MacAskill besucht die Playboy-Villa

Der schottische Bike-Trial-Profi und Red Bull-Rider Danny MacAskill war mit seinem Bike zu Gast bei Hugh Heffner und dessen legendären Playboy-Villa. Da bekommt der Begriff „Bunny Hop“ gleich eine ganz andere Bedeutung:

„While recently in Los Angeles on the heels of his dramatic riding film “Epecuen,” MacAskill was surprised with the opportunity to lighten things up a bit and take his skills to the fabled home to Playboy and Hugh Hefner. With more than six acres of land to roam (and not to mention numerous creatures; human and animal playing about), it was certainly a new experience for the masterful rider more used to balancing on treacherous ledges than entertaining a pool full of giggling beauties by riding atop the infamous Grotto.“

via Maik & Willy
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