DreamRide: Der schönste Mountainbike Trail der Wet

Profi-Mountainbiker Mike Hopkins nimmt uns mit auf eine magische Spritztour auf den wohl schönsten Trail der Welt. Enter a dream world where the trails never end.

„A month on the road filming, another month and a half of post production, a trusting Sponsor, and a kick ass team of creative individuals. This is DreamRide.“

Gedreht wurde der Promo-Clip für das neue Diamondback Trail Bike „Level Link“ in Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon und Washington im Herbst 2015.

Rider / Mike Hopkins
Produced by / Juicy Studios
Directed by / Ryan Gibb
Aerial Photography by / Scott Secco
Concept & Story by / Lacy Kemp & Mike Hopkins
Edit and Design / Scotty Carlson
Additional Support and Photography by / Bruno Long
Narrated by / Graham Tracey
Post Production Sound / Keith White Audio
Presented by / Diamondback Bicycles

via Devour

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