Freeskate in Shanghai

The Rollerblade Experience nimmt uns mit auf einen Trip nach Shanghai, China. Die Blader Timmy v. Rixtel aka Timmy Vanilli, Killer J und Xiao Luo zeigen uns dabei die besten Spots der Stadt:

„80 Millimetre; the preferred wheelsize for inline skater Timmy van Rixtel and partner in crime Niels Groenendijk have visited China. In this second instalment of the series they hooked up with Shanghai’s finest: Killer J and Xiao Luo. Watch the skaters cruise on huge squares where inhabitants do not believe what they are seeing.“

Timmy v. Rixtel aka Timmy Vanilli
Killer J
Xiao Luo

Filming: Niels Groenendijk, Axel v. Dijk
Drone shots: Alex Kerkis
Thumbnail pic: Niels Groenendijk
Montage: Niels Groenendijk
Graphics: Niels Groenendijk
Text: Randy Abels
Music: Shandy Beats

via Hypebeast

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