Brasstracks: Good Kid, Brass City (Kendrick Lamar Medley)

„Good Kid, M.A.A.D City“, das zweite Album von Rapper Kendrick Lamar feierte gestern bereits seinen 6. Geburtstag. Das New Yorker Brass-Duo Brasstracks nahm dies zum Anlass und Cover-Medley mit insgesamt sieben Tracks aus dem Longplayer aufzunehmen. Der Titel ist Porgramm: Good Kid, Brass City. Unbedingt checken!

„Happy birthday to an album that changed all of our lives. Surprise. 🎺“

„Most of the songs on the project have a really healthy relationship between jazz and hip-hop. It was pretty easy for us as jazz musicians turned hip-hop producers, to go into the studio with all of our friends and make some magic happen based on what Kendrick did in 2012. This was honestly just fun for us. If anybody else really digs it, Kendrick hears it or something crazy, that’s just a bonus. Because this was an amazing project for us to do.“

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