Christmas Round-Up: Jingle Bass, Gummy Soul Christmas & Christmas Beattape

DJ Brainchild – A Very Okayplayer Christmas
By this point in the holiday season, we’ve probably heard traditional Christmas carols like „Jingle Bells“ enough that once more might send us into a violent rage. We’ve carefully avoided any such potential trigger moments on the fourth in our series of Okayplayer exclusive mixtapes, DJ Brainchild’s „A Very Okayplayer Christmas“. It might not be totally appropriate to have playing during Christmas dinner, but we guarantee it’ll be good for the drive over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s crib.

Greater Productions – Christmas Beattape – Vol​.​1
We are a group of individual hiphop producers from different states in Australia, and through the power of Facebook we were able to collaborate on this Christmas Beattape. Enjoy this FREE download and make sure you bang these tunes at your mum’s Chirstmas party! If you want to contact one of us, simply click the track and you will find a link to our soundcloud and facebook pages.

Gummy Soul Christmas

Jingle Bass

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