DJ Cable – 2013 AD (Mix)

DJ Cable haut mit „2013 AD“ seinen ganz eigenen Best-Of 2013 Mix raus. Unter anderem mit Gangrene, Major Lazer, J.Cole, A$AP Ferg, Danny Brown, Jay-Z und viele mehr. Insgesamt 76 Tracks. Die komplette Songlist findet ihr bei Soundcloud.

„Once again, it’s been another interesting and exciting year, with the standard ratchet club tracks, to the whole EDM/Twerk craze, the fresh new music emerging from the West Coast, plus a load of dope 90’s influenced cuts, as well as great music from the UK.

Yes, some of the more obvious club tracks are not on the mix, but it’s not about putting together a generic selection of the same club tracks that every other DJ is rinsing… As a result, there’s definitely something for everyone on this mixtape.“

DOWNLOAD: DJ Cable – 2013 AD (Split Version)

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