DJ Filthy Rich – A Clan Called Wu – Enter The Marauders (Mix)

Vor 25 Jahren veröffentlichte der Wu-Tang Clan sein legendäres Debütalbum „36 Chambers“. Am gleichen Tag (9. November 1993) erschien übrigens auch das A Tribe Called Quest Album „Midnight Marauders“ über Jive Records. Grund genug für DJ Filthy Rich ein genialer Mash-Up/Blend-Mix zu basteln. This is a must listen!

“The intent was not to improve on the originals in any way… that would be impossible, as I consider them both to be perfect bodies of work,” Rich says. “Rather, it was about orchestrating a fun concept, and putting a totally new spin on these well-worn classics. The contrast of Wu’s gritty street raps over Tribe’s jazzy production works in a pleasantly unexpected way.”

Da Mystery of Electric Relaxation
Down Ya Neck
Shame On Ya Lyrics
Cash Award
Wu Lives Thru
Ruckus at Midnight
Biko In Da Front
Nuthin Ta Chase
Oh My M.E.T.H.
Tearz On Your Hands
Suckas Be So Simple

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