DJ Rashad Hayes – Beautiful Bliss (Knowledge of Self)

Good Morning! „Beautiful Bliss (Knowledge of Self)“ nennt sich der neue Mix von DJ Rashad Hayes. Nette Zusammenstellung. Unter anderem mit Gang Starr, Madlib, Erykah Badu, J Dilla, Roy Ayers und D’Angelo zum smoothen Start in den Tag.

„I dedicate this mix to the feeling of summer and just being happy to be in existence. There’s a great feeling with just being kissed by the sun and having an awareness of the beauty of your surroundings. The TRUE meaning of life. The great deception is judging yourself by another man’s standards. Don’t ever hold yourself back because of doubt. Be happy, be yourself, and be creative. Relax to this and be happy that you are who you are. I’m happy inside as I post this.“


01. Pyramids (Rashad Hayes mix) – Madlib ft. Spike Lee
02. Mass Appeal- Gang Starr
03. Sometimes (Ummah Remix)- Brand New Heavies
04. Two for Pay Jay (Dedication to Dilla) – Madlib
05. Madlib Interview
06. The Healer- Erykah Badu
07. Won’t Do- J Dilla
08. Center of Attention- INI ft. Pete Rock
09. Everybody Loves the Sunshine- Roy Ayers
10. Daylight (Bonita Applebum) – Ramp
11. You- Q-Tip
12. K.O.S. (Determination)- Black Star ft. Vinia Mojica
13. Hate or Love (Jay Dee Remix)- LSK
14. Good Day- D’angelo
15. Words of Wisdom from Spike Lee

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