Lana Del Rey & Jay-Z – Lana EP

Die Urban Noize Crew präsentiert mit der „Lana EP“ ihr neues Remix/Mash-Up Projekt. In den Hauptollen: Lana und Jigga:

„The essence of the Lana EP is to coincide the coolness, sound, & style factor of her music & who she is, with an artist who has similar energy & trait. & Just have music speak to each other. ”DOPE CINEMA” – Lana Del Rey“

STReAM & DOWNLOAD: Lana Del Rey & Jay-Z – Lana EP

Cover & Tracklist:

1. Allure (OTTR) [Urban Noize Remix] 2. Diet Mountain Dew [Urban Noize Remix] 3. Baby, Who You Wit [Urban Noize Remix] 4. Can’t Tell Me Nothing (Money Is The Anthem) [Urban Noize Remix] 5. Ride (Dreamin‘) [Urban Noize Remix] 6. Hello [Urban Noize Remix]

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