Morgan James: D’Angelos Black Messiah (Full Album Cover)

Morgan James (Vocals) und Doug Wamble (Guitars) haben an einem Tag das komplette neue D’Angelo Album „Black Messiah“ gecovert! Eine Stimme, eine Gitarre, ein Video. Verdammt gut!

„One voice, one guitar, one day, one album.“

00:00 “Ain’t That Easy”
04:48 “1000 Deaths”
08:20 “The Charade”
11:30 “Sugah Daddy”
14:50 “Really Love”
17:50 “Back to the Future (Part I)”
21:30 “Till It’s Done (Tutu)”
25:25 “Prayer”
28:57 “Betray My Heart”
32:20 “The Door”
35:50 “Back to the Future (Part II)”
37:30 Another Life”

via Winkelsen
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