Phoniks – Make Beats, Don’t Sleep (Remixes)

Produzent Phoniks aus Portland haut nach „Basement Vibes“ sein zweites Remix-Projekt raus. Erneut konzentriert er sich dabei auf den New Yorker Boom Bap Sound der 90er:

„Phoniks is an east coast beat maker with a mid-90′s New York boom-bap sound. “Make Beats, Don’t Sleep” is a compilation of remixes made in the past year featuring artists such as Biggie, Nas and Jay-Z over backbeats composed of jazzy piano loops, crunchy snares, and crackly horn samples. Phoniks is a diligent crate digger who spends hundreds of hours searching for fresh samples and is a firm believer in the old-school approach to beat making, using nothing but a sampler and turntable to craft his sonic concoctions.“

via kicksandrap / whudat
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