Radio Juicy Vol.23

Für Teil 23 der „Radio Juicy“ Mix-Reihe zeigt sich dieses Mal Figub Brazlevič verantwortlich. Unter anderem mit Mecs Treem, Radsch, Brenk Sinatra, Pete Rock, RazOne, Marcus B Funkverteidiger, Soulcat E Phife, Oh No und einigen mehr.


1. The Arrival by Braingeto
2. Untitled by Radsch & Regi
3. Between You And Me (Hey!Zeus Remix) by Cyne Feat. Madame Fleur
4. Cosmos by Oh No
5. Hello Tokyo (Instrumental) by Pete Rock
6. Superhero by J.Rawls Feat. Mass Influence
7. Untitled by Mecstreem
8. Step Up by Brenk Sinatra
9. Schwarzes Eis (’05) by Olivier Buscapé
10. Q2 by Razone
11. Mind by Floating Points Feat. Fatima
12. To Be Fly (Prod. By Marcus B.) by Soulcat E-Phife
13. Crooklyn – ( Instrumental ) by Crooklyn Dodgers
14. Document 4 by 4di
15. Voyage Immobile by Hocus Pocus
16. Summers Leavin’by Damn
17. Manches Ändert Sich Nie by Damn
18. Behind The Mic by Igadget Feat. Edo G. & Stereo Boyz
19. Paper Thin (Mono:Massive Remix) by Bahamadia
20. Reflexiones by Nil’s Jazz Ensemble
21. Cosmic Interlude by Ltj Bukem
22. Untitled by Stevo
23. Shakals by Levi Raphael
24. Pyromanen by Radsch
25. Skit by Jim Jarmusch
26. Banausen (Prod. By Figub Brazlevič ’04) by Schlende

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