Skratch Bastid, Marc Hype & DJ Expo – HEAVYWEIGHT CARRY-ON (Mix)

Skratch Bastid, Marc Hype & DJ Expo haben gemeinsam diesen grandiosen Mix aufgenommen. Zu hören gibt es ausschließlich 45s – all vinyl. 70 Minuten Funk, R&B, Latin, Hip-Hop, Dancehall & Reggae. Lauscher auf!

„Picture this: 3 DJs (Skratch Bastid, Marc Hype & DJ Expo) from 3 different countries (Canada, Germany & USA, respectively) are all in Berlin at the same time. Bastid & Expo are on the road touring in Europe on separate tours, and Marc is at home in between German & Russian tours. By the grace of a few mutual friends, they all meet at Marc’s house to hang out and trade music. Each DJ cracks open their stuffed 45 road cases (they never fit enough…) and they proceed to show off the records that they packed, over sips of delicious Tegernseer. Marc has the bright idea that they should record some of this. They meet again the following day and start recording a mix. Simple enough.“

Die komplette Tracklist findet ihr bei Soundcloud.

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