The 10s: Thought At Work – 10 Black Thought Bangers

Upnorth Trips präsentieren einen weiteren Teil ihrer „The 10s“ Mix-Reihe. Dieses mal gibt es 10 Banger von Philly Rapper und The Roots Frontmann Black Thought auf die Ohren:

„To celebrate his 42nd birthday, we give you a special edition of The 10s titled Thought At Work, because he stays on his job, and doesn’t ever let up. He’s a monster live, but his recordings are just as impressive, and he’s held his own on tracks with everyone from Big Pun to Ghostface Killah to Mos Def, not to mention his countless classics with The Roots. Read about our selections below, listen to the mix, and next time you want to talk underrated MCs, please leave his name out. Black Thought only belongs in the Top 5 Dead Or Alive discussion moving forward.“

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