Die Geschichte der Urbanisierung visualisiert

Der Statistiker und Experte für Daten-Visualisierung Max Galka hat sich Daten einer aktuellen Yale-Studie geschnappt und die Geschichte der Urbanisierung visualisiert. Die Map zeigt die Entwicklung von städtischen Siedlungen ab 3700 v. Chr. bis 2000 n. Chr. Unter www.metrocosm.com/history-of-cities findet ihr das Projekt auch als interaktive Map:

„Watch the rise of human cities, beginning with [arguably] the world’s first city in 3700 BC and continuing up to the present.“

„The data shown in the map comes from a Yale-led study published earlier this month in Scientific Data, which compiled the most comprehensive dataset on historical urban populations to date. The data has a number of limitations and is “far from comprehensive.” Certain parts of world are better represented than others, and some well known cities do not appear until centuries after they were founded. That said, it is the first global-scale collection of pre-1950 urban populations, and a good starting point for future research.“


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