Germany, Allemagne, Tyskland… woher kommen all die Namen für Deutschland?

Es ist wirklich faszinierend wie viel verschiedene Namen Deutschland in verschiedenen Sprachen hat: Germany. Allemagne. Tyskland. Saksa. Niemcy. Deutschland. Doch wie kommt das? Linguist Arika Okrent und Illustrator Sean O’Neill zeigen euch im folgenden Video verbal und visuell wie es geschichtlich dazu gekommen ist:

„Why Are There So Many Different Names for Germany? Germany. Allemagne. Tyskland. Saksa. Niemcy. Deutschland. So many names for one country. So many names that are all so different from each other. How did this happen? The first name for the region was Germania and was given by the Romans. They named it after a fierce tribe they fought against near the Rhine river there called the Germani. The Romans managed to eventually conquer most of western Europe, but they never had control over Germania. The Latin language spread through the Empire, but the tribes in Germania kept on speaking in Germanic ways.“

via LS

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