Kurzgesagt: Lohnt sich die Europäische Union?

Aktuell hat die EU mit vielen Problemen zu kämpfen. Lohnt sich die Europäische Union noch? Der Youtube-Channel Kurzgesagt kümmert sich in seinem neusten Clip genau um diese schwierige Frage. Ziemlich neutral gehalten gibt er einen guten Überblick:

„Should we double down or give up and go our separate ways?“

„This video will probably not make everybody happy. Probably for completely opposite reasons. Some people want less political and economic integration, some want more of it. Some want to stop immigration, others want better integration instead. Some want an EU army, others want to disband Nato. And most will have a collection of different opinions about all of that. It’s the same for our team, we don’t all share the same vision for Europe and the world.

We tried our best to present different sides and view points, while being fair and as neutral as possible. But obviously we can’t go into too much detail in a video that is only 7 minutes long. We also clearly marked where we are stating our opinion. The sources we used are in the video description.“

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