Size Matters 2: Drifting mit Mike Ryan

Mike Ryan mit seinem Freightliner Truck und Daniel Leavitt spielen die Hauptrolle in diesem genial inszenierten Drifting- und Stunt-Video im Gymkhana-Style. Gedreht wurde im Hafen von Long Beach. Must-see!

„Mike Ryan presents Size Matters 2 – a gymkhana styled video full of super-sized stunts and close quarters drifting action. Legendary stunt driver and Pikes Peak champion, Mike Ryan in the Banks Super-Turbo Castrol Freightliner, goes toe-to-toe with newcomer Daniel Leavitt on the docks of Long Beach harbor. Some of Hollywood’s top stunt drivers and coordinators came together to produce this top-notch action thriller, using the newest Mercedes ML 63 modified camera car with EDGE arm. #SizeMatters2“

Director: Bailey Kobe
Director of Photography: Michael FitzMaurice
Co-Stunt Coordinator: Terry James

via Devour
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