Italien: For Ever In Love

Der US-Fotograf und Timelapse-Spezialist Shawn Reeder hat sich ein bisschen in Italien verliebt. In seinem neuem Clip „For Ever In Love ~ Italy“ erleben wir das Land in Südeuropa im Zeitraffer und besuchen die wunderschönen Landschaften sowie die weltbekannte Städte Florenz und Venedig:

„Italy is a fascinating country steeped in tremendous beauty alongside ancient history with such a rich culture. It’s called to me for most of my life, especially with my Italian blood. After three trips and about two months roaming the northern parts of the country over the last few years, I fall deeper and deeper in love with each visit. I’ve never been anywhere else where the local culture, architecture, and history are so beautifully and perfectly intertwined with the stunning landscape. Europeans sure know how to build their villages so naturally into the gorgeous countryside and mountain valleys.“

via Klonblog

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