Ride to the Himalayas: Mit dem Motorrad quer durch Indien

Tolle Aufnahmen vom GoPro Man: Im Clip „Ride to the Himalayas“ folgt ihr dem Motorradfahrer quer durch Indien. Von Chandigarh nach Leh und wieder zurück nach Bangalore – 5340 Kilometer in 23 Tagen! Details zu seiner Reise findet ihr bei Youtube.

„The great mountain calling adventure to the Himalayas completed successfully! Covered about 5340kms in 23 days ride started from Chandigarh to all the way upto Leh and back until bangalore! Used to be my dream ride until last week. I am not sure what I am feeling about the complete ride but feels like I am a different person now from the day I set out for the ride. So many things I learnt on the way, so many places I saw and so many people met on the road. Not very good at expressing what I feel about the ride but this one ride is going to be special for many reasons. My vocabulary is limited to describe the beauty of Himalayas , one must visit to experience it first hand. Finally it’s worth it to avoid watching any videos related to Leh – Ladakh because I wanted to see it for myself without any spoilers. Riding all the way back from Manali solo is one of the different but amazing experience of a lifetime.“

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