Awon & Phoniks – Knowledge Of Self (Album-Stream)

Awon & Phoniks sind zurück! Nach ihrem ersten Kollabo-Album „Return To The Golden Era“ im Jahr 2013 legt das Rapper/Producer-Duo mit dem Longplayer „Knowledge Of Self“ nach. Das über Don’t Sleep Records erscheinende Projekt ist unter anderem über Bandcamp erhältlich und kommt wieder mit jeder Mange „soulful Boom Bap“:

„The writing process for Knowledge of Self was more meticulous for me because I wanted every word to have meaning. I wanted people to walk away from a Hip-Hop record feeling good. I wanted to have a positive message overall, but still maintain the heavy rotation quality that we as artist strive to achieve. Overall ‚Knowledge of Self‘ does speak to the audience from my perspective as a man today, there is more Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding to pass on daily. As I was told Each One Teach One.“ – Awon

via 2DB

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