BK-One – Tema Do Canibal EP

DJ und Produzent BK-One aus Minneapolis hat sich sein 2009er Release „Rádio Do Canibal“ geschnappt und mit Hilfe von MF DOOM, Arthur Verocai, Exile, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Helcio Milito und einigen mehr die Remix-EP „Tema Do Canibal“ aufgenommen. Die EP erscheint am 30.August über Rhymesayers. Einen Sampler, der definitv Lust auf mehr macht, gibt es bereits jetzt zu hören:

„I sent one of my favorite songs from the album to several of my friends and heroes.I asked them to use their imaginations and take the song somewhere entirely new.The result is five great new tracks featuring a legendary percussionist from São Paulo, one of my favorite MC’s ever, a Brazilian record guru, a West Coast beat manipulator, an incredibly talented and prolific composer from Rio de Janeiro, one of my city’s best DJ’s, and a childhood friend who inspired me to start collecting records…all together on one 12″. Here’s a few of my favorite moments.“

Cover & Tracklist:

1. Video Edit (BK-One)
2. Mind The Gap Remix (Exile feat. MF DOOM)
3. Tamba Remix (DJ Nuts)
4. Tema Do Canibal II (Arthur Verocai)
5. Journey Into Sound Remix (Mike 2600)
6. Disco Ginga Remix

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