– Workspaces Compilation

27 beats from 27 beatmakers. Die Kollegen von werden am 19.Juli ihr neues „Workspaces Compilation“ Projekt mit exklusiven Beats von The Beep, Brous One, Hieronymuz, Keor Meteor, Torky Tork, Sterio, Morlockko Plus, Jimbo Matsumoto, Errol Barnes, Brenk Sinatra, Telemachus, Twit One, Plastic Surgeon, Kurt Kauzig, Retrogott, Steezo, Hulk Hodn, Maxwell Ferry, Rob Who, Hade, Anatol Atonal, Grup Ses Beats, Lazy Jones, Rufus Grimes, Beatvadda, Figub Brazlevic und Memyselfandi veröffentlichen.

Check hier den Full-Stream. Den limitierten Release kann man bei vorbestellen.

„After “nearly” one year after the initial news, i am more than proud to present the first volume of the Workspaces Compilation. First of all I would like to thank all the beatmakers who took part on this adventure! I am overwhelmed from the love and willingness to cooperate from anyone who i contacted. This compilation wouldn’t be possible without the support of your great work!“

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