Kurtis Blow & Maceo Parker: Pied Piper 2012 Rap Regrooves

Kurtis Blow – The Breaks (Pied Piper 2012 Rap Regroove)

Maceo Parker – Soul Power 74 (Pied Piper Regroove To Move 2012)

RE-PRODUCED, RE-EDITED, RE-MIXED. RE-GROOVED, RESTRUCTURED AND REARRANGED BY PIED PIPERMIXDOWN, additional porduction, drums, percussion (congas, bongos, cymbal, kick, scrape cymbal, stacked cymbals, timpani,
snare, hats, cowbell, triangle, hydraulic triangle, bells, turkish frame drums, djembe),
synth, keyboards, programming, sequencing and processing by Pied Piper & Count Funkula

Additional prouction by Dr. Funkenstein.

Mixed at MARRS Studios

More @ Soundcloud.

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