Renegades Of Jazz – Nevertheless (Album)

Neues von David Hanke: Bereits im Juni ist das neue Renegades Of Jazz Album „Nevertheless“ über Agogo Records erschienen. Musikalisch eine Fusion von Jazz und Breakbeat-Elementen. Bringing the Jazz back to the dancefloor!

„Were David Hanke to pass on from this mortal coil tomorrow, Nevertheless might prove his perfect epitaph. It’s a refreshingly honest and somewhat autobiographical long-player that harks back to his early twenty first century musical influences but actually has its route much earlier in this self-styled Renegade Of Jazz’s life.

And while barely taking a breath, the heat continues with infectious, super hot funk jam Light Me Up, featuring Clair Fallows of The Impellers fame. It’s a modern take on a classic sound and having already stamped his Hip-Hop card, Hanke is keen to point to the Funk and Soul influences that have shaped his musical journey.“

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