Sadat X – We In New York

We In New York“ ist die erste offizielle Single aus dem neuen Sadat X Album „New York„, das im kommenden Sommer erscheinen wird.

The energy, the sound and vibe of “We In New York” just feels like New York. „Its a real vivid record” says Sadat, and its also the perfect track to spearhead the “New Golden Era” movement, “its not about going back in time, or replicating a certain sound, its about pushing forward and creating something new, its a like minded group of artists and producers that push a certain brand/sound of music. The sound we (Loyalty Digital Corp.) push is definitely influenced by the 90’s, but we build and add onto it” says Fokis. We are now living in the new version of the 90’s so we say #TheNewGoldenEra. I’m very excited about this single and upcoming album from Sadat X. This is a dream come true for me. To be able to partner up with someone like him and release his project through my Company is amazing. His work ethic is crazy and very inspiring; this is “The New Golden Era” Fokis laments.

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