Von Pea – Pea’s Gotta Have It

Das neue Album von Von PeaPea’s Gotta Have It“ musste leider um eine Woche verschoben werden. Bis dahin gibt es fünf weitere Tracks als Stream.

„So I’m having some (very) last minute issues. Heart-breaking shit but not the end of the world. I find out the day before the album is supposed to drop that it got pushed back to the 19th? Do I win some kind of prize for having the latest release date change ever or what? As a fan myself i hate waiting (*ahem* to pay) for something and it not showing up when its supposed to. Yall bear with me on this one, please.“

<a href="http://vonpea.bandcamp.com/album/peas-gotta-have-it">Pea&#8217;s Gotta Have It by Von Pea</a>

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