Eclectic Method: World Cup Cut

Neues von Jonny Wilson aka Eclectic Method: Nur wenige vor der Fußballweltmeisterschaft in Brasilien gibt es mit „World Cup Cut“ ein neuen Samba-Party-Track inklusive Soccer-Samples:

„It’s the 2014 World Cup. The host, Brazil, is a nation of great football and great music so it’s gonna be a party. Since a lot of the official tracks seem to be about neither Brazilian football or music, Eclectic Method thought it best to make a video and tune about both. “World Cup Cut Up” is a Samba driven party track where most of the rhythms are made out of the sounds of football boots and balls. It features a fast-paced look at the greatest World Cup players and their goals since the event was first televised.“

via Testspiel
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