Meet Holger Geschwinder: Vice-Doku über den Mentor von Dirk Nowitzki

In der folgenden Kurz-Doku „The Crazy German Coach Who Taught Dirk Nowitzki How to Shoot“ besuchte Jermain Raffington von Vice Sports das einwöchige Sommer-Camp des ehemaligen deutschen Basketball-Spielers Holger Geschwinder, besser bekannt als langjähriger persönlicher Trainer und Mentor von Dirk Nowitzki:

„Holger Geschwinder is the basketball coaching savant who taught Dirk Nowitzki his lethal shot and has continued to work with him throughout his career. He’s also a purveyor of some of the most bizarre theories of basketball education in the world today. All of these dynamics come together at his Youth Basketball Camp in Germany, attracting players from all over the world to what he calls his „Institute of Applied Nonsense.“ We spent a few days trying to hone our own skills at the camp.“

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