A Tribe Called Red feat. Mos Def – R.E.D. (Video)

Am 16. September das DJ Trio A Tribe Called Red aus Kanada das brandneue Album mit dem Titel „Halluci Nation“ über Radicalized Records veröffentlichen. Zum Song “R.E.D.”, der mit Yasiin Bey (Mos Def), MC Narcy und Black Bear aufgenommen wurde, feierte nun auch das offizielle Video Premiere. Gedreht wurde der Clip in Südafrika:

“The Halluci Nation has no barriers, it sees no borders and their operatives are everywhere. Yasiin Bey is an ally of the Halluci Nation who has been unjustly detained in Cape Town, South Africa by the Alie-Nation. Narcy is one of the Guardians of the Halluci Nation and he has been given the job of helping to free Yasiin and lead him to the Halluci Nation territory. We Are Of Earth And Sky.”

Director: Narcy
Location: Cape Town, SA
Actors: Narcy, Yasiin Bey and members of the Halluci Nation
Producer: DAIS

via Pitchfork

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