Exile – Population Control (Remix) (Video)

Greg „The Dude“ Ponstingl hat zum Exile Track „Population Control“ ein weiteres Stop Motion Video produziert. Der Song wurde auf dem aktuellen Exile Album „AM/FM“ von Samiyam, Dibiase und Free the Robots geremixt.

FULL HD DOWNLOAD: Exile – Population Control (Remixed by Samiyam, Dibiase, Free the Robots)

„Exile’s „Population Control“ is a trippy, mind-bending video scored by Samyiam, Dibiase and Free The Robots who all remixed the same track featured on ‚AM/FM.‘ Inspired by Exile’s „We Are All In Power“ video, visual artist Greg „The Dude“ Ponstingl created the video using thousands of still images and striking visual effects to make a boombox literally come to life. The result is a rather trippy experience, and if you are prone to seizures, look away.“

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