Gang Starr feat. J. Cole – Family and Loyalty (Video)

Knapp zwei Wochen nach dem Single-Release folgt nun endlich auch das offizielle Video zum Song „Family and Loyalty“. Und es ist ein emotionales Wiedersehen: Der erste Gang Starr-Clip nach 16 Jahren mit J. Cole und Gurus Sohn Keith Casim. Gedreht wurde in Harlem und Fayetteville, North Carolina unter Regie von HipHop-Pionier Fab 5 Freddy.

“Keith was nine when his Father passed away and he is now nineteen. I used to babysit him. He (Guru’s son) made me feel like Guru was there with me. I told him he has the same look in his eyes as his Father and everyone on set commented on how striking the resemblance is. It was real important to me to have Guru’s son be a major focus of the video. Keith is starting to really understand the legacy his Father left behind and the whole team is sharing so many stories with him. We are honest with him, how much fun Guru and I had, the bad times, we are not sugarcoating anything; we want him to know his Father.” – DJ Premier

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