Kill The Record Labels (Trailer)

Kill the Record Labels“ ist eine neue Dokumentation von Focus Media über das HipHop-Musikbusiness in den USA. Teilweise vielleicht etwas übertreiben, aber alleine im Trailer stecken einige wahre Aussagen drin…

„For decades hip hop has been controlled by the record companies. They invest millions and profit billions from global cassette, cd, and now ringtone sales. Music moguls afford a lifestyle comparable to what we see on mtv cribs. Eventually hip hop artist would adapt the record company formula, and start to strategically promote and market there own music. This has created a conflict inside the industry. The Record companies, in conjunction with the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), have declared war. Offices have been raided, Mom and Pop stores have been closed, and many have been arrested. Hip Hop Artists, Djs, and producers have decided that the only way to survive in the music business is to “Kill The Record Labels”.“

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