Macklemore feat. Kesha – Good Old Days (Video)

Am heutigen Freitag veröffentlicht Rapper Macklemore aus Seattle mit „Gemini“ sein brandneues Solo-Album (ohne seinen Partner Ryan Lewis). Passend zum Release erschien auch das offizielle Video zur Single „Good Old Days“ mit Kesha. Gedreht wurde der Clip von Regisseur Johnny Valencia.

“She is someone that I walked into the room and I immediately just caught a vibe with and became friends with pretty instantaneously,” Mack told Rolling Stone about working with the singer. “She’s a musician, she’s a writer, she’s someone that is not afraid to try ideas in the studio, not afraid to get vulnerable in front of people, not scared to go for the high note when she doesn’t know if she can hit it or not. She is a musician in every sense of the word, and she’s hilarious.”

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