Mr.Green feat. Rime, Wen, Chocolatte Lady & Mr.Do or Die (Live From The Streets)

Mr.Green mit einer Spezial-Ausgabe seiner „Live From The Streets„-Reihe. Dieses Mal müssen die Graffiti-Legenden Rime und Wen, Mr. Do Or Die und eine „Chocolatte Lady“ als Samples herhalten:

Basically, Rime, a legendary graffiti writer, invited the OG Live from the Streets crew, Sam Lipman-Stern and myself, to Miami for Art Basel to make a film with him, the Seventh Letter, and the Klughaus Gallery. The plan was for Rime and several other famous graffiti writers to paint a bunch of rental trucks and then drive them all over the city.

While that happened, it was my job to DJ out the back of the truck while Rime’s minion Meca, a former professional heavy metal drummer, played drums on the roof and Sam filmed all the madness.

After the trip, Rime said he envisioned me making a “Miami Freestyle” beat out of some of the stand-out sounds from the trip. Even though it’s not something I would normally do, since Rime is such a master at what he does I decided to follow his vision and make something much faster and more dancy than anything I’ve ever done.

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