The Black Opera – The Magician (Video)

Das „The Black Opera“ Kollektiv hat bei der Mello Music Group einen „Multi-Album“-Deal unterschrieben. Erster Release ist das Projekt „EnterMission“, welches nun auch auf CD (28.08.2012) und Vinyl (25.09.2012) erscheinen wird. Checkt hier den neuen Clip zu „The Magician„. Directed by Andy Madeleine.

Is Perception KING or QUEEN? Or, a blurred line in between? That line can sometimes best be defined as „MAGIC“. The art of magic is displayed by slight of hand, and by natural forces being influenced by mysterious powers. In this video demonstration for „The Magician“ the mystery remains, but the veil is slightly lowered.

The Opera is still Black, but this track brings new hints of sound in color. „The Magician“ is a modern day vintage style mini-movie with a realistic portrayal of what happens when „too much, too soon“ and „too little, too late“ collide on the same track in a relationship. Join The Black Opera for this black tie affair and SPREAD THE WARNING.

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