The Blue Man Group – NPR Tiny Desk Concert

Die „Tiny Desk Concert„-Reihe von NPR ist eigentlich für geniale Kurzauftritte diverser Musiker bekannt – in der neuen Folge dreht sich allerdings alles um “Performance art” – denn die Blue Man Group ist zu Gast. Mit dabei: Ihre kreativen und eigens entworfenen Instrumente. Weitere Details zum auftritt und den Instrumenten findet ihr unter They came, they measured, and they returned to perform a show like no other!

„The Forge“
„Meditation For Winners“

„Every band that plays the Tiny Desk must work within the restrictions of the space. So instead of installing their entire signature PVC instrument, what ended up behind the desk was about a third of it. On the right side of the desk, their Shred Mill makes its internet debut: It’s a drum machine triggered by magnets that changes rhythm depending where they are placed on the home-made variable-speed conveyor belt. They also invented something called a Spinulum, whose rhythmic tempo is controlled by rotating a wheel that plucks steel guitar strings.“

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