Grandioses Projekt von Tempest Freerunning: Im aufwändig produzierten Freerunning-Video „The Takeover“ machen insgesamt 40 der weltbesten Freerunner aus 14 Ländern einen Flugzeug-Schrottplatz unsicher. Unter anderem mit dabei: Ryan Doyle und Yoann „Zephyr“ Leroux:

The Takeover is a collaboration between Tempest Freerunning and over 40 Professional Freerunners from 14 different Countries. These teams & athletes came together to create a short film like no other.

Als kleiner Bonus das BTS-Video „L.A Takeover“ der Storror Crew:

Steve and Toby flew over to Los Angeles for the Tempest Pro Takeover! The whole trip was incredible and it proved impossible to fit all of the memories into one video so stay tuned for the extras episode coming soon.

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