Tricking the Freedom of Movement (Trailer)

Die Dokumentation „Tricking the Freedom of Movement“ beschäftigt sich mit der Sportart Tricking, die aus verschieden Kampfsportarten wie Capoeira, Karate, Taekwondo und Kung-Fu, aber auch aus Breakdance und Gymnastik entstanden ist. Checkt hier den Trailer:

„The film is a grassroots project, made with an out of pocket budget; a passion project. Tricking is a self expressive, enriching extreme sport / art that only requires your body. Fusing Martial Arts, Dance Elements, and Acrobatics; tricking is a culmination of the most creative human body movement; constantly challenging what is humanly possible. It takes place in a creative playground – to explore time and space, we simply jump off the ground, and express emotion and movement creatively.

The film examines the world phenomenon through our experience within the community, tricking gatherings and sessions around America, along with our very good friends, the Trickers.“

via IL
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