Truth Universal – Serve & Protect (Video)

Truth Universal mit einem Video zu seinem Song „Serve & Protect“ (produziert von N.O. Bricks), der dem „US National Day Of Protest“ gewidmet ist. Den genauen Hintergrund zum Clip gibt es nach dem Video.

„Just in time for October 22nd–the National Day of Action Against Police Brutality/Terrorism–Truth Universal presents the video „Serve and Protect.“ „Serve and Protect“ is taken from Truth Universal’s „Self-Determination“ release. The song produced by beat smith N.O. Bricks, and the video is shot, directed and edited by Perez and Rome of Nickel Dime Studios.

„Serve & Protect“ focuses on police accountability and examines the role of police force in the U.S. and the world. It is based on the book The Velvet Glove and the Iron Fist: An Analysis of U.S. Police by Tony Platt et al. (ISBN 0-935206-02-07) Truth uses personal experiences and observation to put this professional educational analysis into perspective. On the creation of the song and video Truth says, „I’ve been through quite a bit with police growing up in New Orleans. I’ve had firsthand experience with everything from outright harassment and assault, to wrongful incarceration at the hands of NOPD officers. It’s easy to write an FTP song being Black, (to whatever degree) disadvantaged, and a resident of New Orleans. I wanted to bring something different to the table, and I feel I accomplished that by presenting the incidents in the song, questioning police motives, and attempting to intelligently answer those questions.“

This song is dedicated to all of those who have been wrongfully victimized by police. Most of all, this song and video is dedicated to those innocent citizens who have lost their lives at the hands of police.“

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