Video Round-Up: Vic Mensa, Idle Handsm, Vic Spencer, Daz & WC

Im heutigen Round-Up haben wir neue Clips von Idle Handsm, Vic Spencer, Daz & WC sowie das „Egyptian Cotton“ Video von Clams Casino & Vic Mensa, welches innerhalb von zwei Tagen interaktiv aufgenommen wurde:

„During a period of two days Clams Casino and Vic Mensa made this track and music video live on YouTube. The entire experience, which included the making of the track, the creation of tactical art pieces and prints to decorate the studio, and the production of this music video, was fueled primarily by user comments in real time.“

Idle Hands feat. Mela Machinko – dEnAuN

Vic Spencer – Owe

Daz & WC – Dubz N Tha Air

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